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How to make chain earings ?





1. Cut the chain into two equal pieces using the cutting edge of the pliers.


2.Take a jump-ring and open it up.


3.Hook the open jump-ring through the loop on a the earring finding.


4.Keep the jump-ring open, and hook it through a link that is about in the middle of one of the pieces of chain.


5.Close the jump-ring. The earring finding should now have two "drops" of chain connected to it by a jump-ring.


6.Take a head-pin, and place a bead on it.


7.Using the cutting edge of the pliers, allow for about half an inch after the bead and remove the rest of the post.


8.Clamp the pliers down above the glass bead, and bend the post to make a ninety degree angle.


9. Re-position the pliers at the end of the head-pin post, and roll back to create a loop.


10.Before you close the loop, hook it through the last link on one of the gold chain drops, and then close it.


11.Decide whether you want the drops to be the same length, or different lengths, and then cut the other chain drop to suit the style you have chosen.


12.Take another head-pin, and place a bead on it.


13. Follow the directions in steps 7-10 to create a loop, then hook it through the other gold chain drop and close it.


14.One earring is now made. Repeat for the other earring to make a pair of earrings.


These earrings can look as stylish or funky as you like, it is all about bead selection.

Just remember to keep the weight issue in mind.



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